Baptism Web

Baptism is an integral part of the life of a follower of Jesus. It is what we call a sacrament. A sacrament is God working through a physical means to deliver His Grace to us. A sacrament is a gift to the believer, not something we do for God. In baptism, God claims us as His children. While God promises us His forgiveness through Jesus, we often forget that amazing gift. We doubt and wonder if the greatness of God could possibly overcome our sin, failures, and the darkness of our hearts.

Because God knew this would happen, He gives us the gift of baptism. When we are heartbroken and feel far from God, wondering if we are possibly worth saving, we can remember His claim on our lives through the waters of our baptism. Is the water special? No. Most often it is simply tap water. Yet when that simple water is combined with the promises of God, it takes on a new significance. It washes us clean and drowns our old selves. Now when God looks at us all He sees is Jesus. If we think we have somehow wandered too far and left the saving grace of God, we can point back to our baptism.

This is all the work of God, we do not do anything. He conveys his promises to us through simple, physical water. Baptism is God’s gift to us, infants and grandparents alike.

If you or your children are not baptized and you would be interested in learning more, please get in touch with Pastor Ted ( We plan to celebrate baptisms the last Sunday of the month.